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Iafrate (i-uh-fray-tee) is a caller from Los Angeles, California. One of three Clones that is a multiple-time King of Smack, he won the Smack-Off in 2004 and 2008.

His 2004 Smack-Off call won on the power of a parting shot to the recently-deceased Marge Schott, comparing himself to Phil Mickelson, calling himself a perpetual "unmitigated loser" for losing in 2002 to Jeff in Richmond, and performing an original composition, "Whitey's Dad", dedicated to then-producer Brian Albers.

His 2008 Smack-Off call won after focusing on cracking back at Doc Mike DiTolla, accusing him of cowardice, disappearing during Sean the Cablinasian's reign of terror, and calling him "the Jungle Mad Lib". He also hit on Steve Carbone, Terrence in Sierra Madre and Jay Mohr. He ended the call with a spoof of one of Hillary Clinton's campaign ads, declaring at the end: "IT IS 3 AM! SEANIE IS DEAD! AND WE NEED A KING OF SMACK WHO IS READY FROM DAY ONE! I am Irate Fred, and I approved this message."

Ken Chasen[]

Iafrate is believed to be Rabbi Kenneth Chasen, the Senior Rabbi at the Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He was officially installed in this capacity on January 10, 2004.

Prior to his time as a rabbi, Ken was a TV composer for Lorimar Productions, producing scores for latter seasons of Dallas and Knots Landing. He is married to Allison Lee, Associate Director of the American Jewish World Services. They have three children: Micah, Benjamin (Who has his own radio show "The Cage" on on Wednesday @ 6:05 PM PST), and Eliana.

On the June 19, 2009 Jim Rome Show, Jim Rome explained that the "Iafrate" nickname originated from a radio promotion at an L.A. Kings Hockey game in the 1990's in which participants, including Ken, tried to hit slap shots past Jim Rome, who was in goal. In bantering with the contestants, Jim Rome called Ken "Iafrate," a reference to legendary hockey player Al Iafrate, who was renowned for his record setting slap shots. He usually turns this moniker in his takes into "Irate Fred" or "Irate Freddy".