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Dave in St. Louis, Non-Hunter was a legendary e-mailer and part-time caller from Saint Louis, Missouri. He referred to himself as "Non-Hunter" in response to PETA's accusation that hunters have small male endowments. He was known for ending e-mails with the take "Make the world a better place, punch {whatever} in the face."

He decided to begin calling in March 2007, and was good enough that Jim Rome put him in Smack-Off 2007. He did not make it past the screener for the competition.

Dave in St. Louis was thereafter a regular invitee to the Smack-Off and was considered a key member of the "Midwest Mafia". In March 2014, Dave called the show to announce that he had parlayed his Jungle career into his own radio show on CBS Radio 920 AM in St. Louis. He had to miss the 2014 Smackoff to tend to his daughter who was suffering complications from a concussion. He did participate in the Smackoff in 2015 but got run.

Dave died in the summer of 2016, and Rome eulogized him on his show.